Age: 6
Eyes: Blood Red
Hair: Black

Reiko is a perfectly normal red-eyed, pointy-eared, sadistic little demon girl. She spends most of her time in the first grade and hanging out with her enormous pet crocodile Lucy (short for Lucifer).

Interests: Cooking, Gardening, Entrepreneuring, Sewing, Pirating, Unicycling, Spiders



Age: 10
Eyes: Toxic Green
Hair: Black

Scar-faced Shinobu is an athletic, hyper-active little tomboy. When not in school she spends most of her time practicing martial arts and kicking ass with her wicked katana.

Interests: Sports, Martial Arts, Military Hardware, Skateboarding, Ninjitsu, Kyudo (Japanese archery)



Age: 14
Eyes: Hot Pink
Hair: Blonde (except the roots)

Shirabe is a typical popular and trendy high-school demon girl. She loves talking on the phone with her girlfriends, dating cute guys and eating their internal organs.

Interests: Cheer-leading, Make-up, Shopping, Science, Boys, Roller-blading, Girls’ Basketball



Age: 18
Eyes: ?
Hair: Black

Bespectacled Shihoka is Reiko’s elegant and responsible big sister. She spends most of her time in her first year of college, casting spells, and creating interesting and macabre works of art.

Interests: Art, Music, Poetry, Yoga, Mysticism, Astrology, Divination



Age: ?
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black

Fumiko is your typical sharp-shooting, hard-drinking, katana-wielding housewife. Besides being the doting mother of four darling girls, she keeps herself busy with a wide range of hobbies from flower-arranging to bounty hunting.

Interests: Caligraphy, Flower Arrangement, Shamisen, Koto, Tea Ceremony, Book Club, Rotary Club, PTA, NRA, Safari, Whaling, Tattoos, Guns, and Booze



Age: ?
Eyes: Burning Red
Hair: Black

A cold-blooded chain-smoker, Mitsugu is head of the Mouryou household. Though he has established legitimate businesses, Mr. Mouryou is rumored to have worked his way up the ranks of the Nettou Jigoku Gumi (Boiling Hells Gang), a yakuza organization with international ties. The missing digits of two fingers on his left hand would seem to support this rumor.

Interests: Stock Market, Real Estate, Pachinko, Yachting, Fishing, Baseball, Model-building, Swordsmanship.


Zeni & Nadi Tweeling

Two Age: 11
Eyes: Blue (Zeni), Green (Nadi)
Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Two heads, two hearts, but unfortunately only two legs, the Tweeling sisters are conjoined twins who would much rather live separate lives but fate has said otherwise. Sibling rivals, Nadi (short for Nadir) is often quite jealous of her perkier sister Zeni (short for Zenith), though working together they do make a great team.



Age: 7
Eyes: None
Hair: None

Poor Irving, born without a head he’s forced to carve new heads out of pumpkins. He spends most of his time feeling sorry for himself and his pet fly named Sol.