1. I lost track of Reiko for a while. I’m glad to see she’s just as lovable as ever!

  2. Great as ever. Once I get enough money I’m going right to the Reiko shop, I also really miss the chatbox and the forum.

    Chatbox more-so since no one seemed to want to head to the forum anymore. Damn place was empty almost every time I was there before you removed it Vince.

  3. This is giving me a serious Hogfather vibe. And that is a good thing

  4. Wow, Santa, you really lost weight this year…

  5. where’s vince?

  6. seriously have they more or less given up on reiko now….we’re lucky if we see 3-4 pictures a YEAR…there used to be one every month

  7. Is this the last comic of reiko?

  8. i think its official that vincent has given up on this, here it is….5 months since my last comment…hell the pic has been up for 9 months and nothing new posted

    from one new pic every month or two wayyyy down to one a YEAR….vince doesnt give a *cough* anymore

    1. Not a single new one for 2015. Either he’s given up and all we have now is what we DO have or in the real unfortunate case is that something happened to him to post this on hiatus temp or worst, indefinite.

      Either way I think Contemplating Reiko is done for.

  9. Where are you Vince? You haven’t touched this place since the end of last year that’s not like you.

  10. I think he’s no longer interested in his creation.

  11. I’m pretty sure he’s dead

  12. —E lmao, been a while since i read your comics! you should make one featuring Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez! He’s a goth cabaret musician and his songs would suit Reiko and co.!

  13. Cmon, don’t give up on reiko, her hellish humor is worth the insanity

  14. of today, 17th of January 2016, it has been around 2 years from the last post :'( considering how it has been 11 years and Vince likely no longer works in Japan, or works at all, it is just natural for him o move to other sorts of entertainment

  15. I don’t want the last message on here to be one of negativity. This comic has been with me for a long time, resurfacing now and then like a demented little spider living in the back of my head. Thanks for all the good memories and twisted comics. I love your comics, and I still hope that one day you’ll return, Vincent – you’re still presumably paying to have this website hosted, after all.

  16. Such a shame this place has been abandoned. Waited several months, hoping it wasn’t true, yet here we are today. Not one new post, the posting is actually out and the site is overall decaying from lack of care.

    Hope you didn’t die Vincent because we don’t want this TO die.

  17. Owari.

  18. I really hope you haven’t given up on Reiko. Your characters are so lovable and have been there for a long time for us. Hell I’m currently drawing some fan art of some of them for inktober. I hope you make a comeback soon. I miss our demon family

  19. Neurotically yours and this comic meant so much to me as a kid…I was so strange and somehow I related to these characters…even though you never went and further with this, I want you to know your comic truly influenced people, and we never forgot about it!

  20. So glad this series is back.

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